American Aphrodite

Becoming Female in Greek America

by Constance Callinicos

“Figuratively speaking, Greek-American women have been without a voice since the first Greek immigrants arrived here as wives, sisters, and daughters . . . making no sound, proclaiming no existence.

“But because we had no voice, no one cared to acknowledge the phenomenon we represented—Greek-American women, possessed of a particular culture, living a special way of life, surrounded by a special set of circumstances. Now, in hearing our voices on tapes and in transcribing them into this book, Constance Callinicos has helped us find our voice—and now it is there for all to heed.

“No longer are we mute; no longer anaonymous; no longer absent. We are here. Attention must be paid to us.

“This is an important book. Read it. Rejoice in our collective, powerful voices. Thanks to Constance Callinicos, we need no longer be silent. I am proud that mine is one of the voices that will at last be hear—and taken seriously.”

—Aphrodite Clamar, PhD
from the Foreword

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