An Arabic Reader for Beginners

edited by George J. Koury

This reader is intended for use in the instruction of beginning and intermediate Arabic. The objective of the editor is to provide the student and instructor with texts from Arabic literature which can be read shortly after exposure to the perfect and imperfect usages of the verb. Some of the selections contained in this reader have already been used with much success at various stages of beginning and intermediate Arabic at the University of Minnesota as supplemental readings alongside various introductory and intermediate texts, includiing Elementary Modern Standard Arabic of the University of Michigan. It is the editor’s belief that the beginning student of Arabic should be exposed very early to readings other than the necessarily contrived sentences and phrases which are found in introductory language texts. It is the editor’s hope that this reader will also engender an appreciation for Arabic literature at the introductory level of language study. Indeed, there are several excellent readers available for the advanced and intermediate levels. However, there is a paucity of readily available materials for the beginning and early intermediate stages in the study of Arabic. Hopefully, this reader will help to bridge this gap.

—from the Introduction

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