Basic Business Communication

Writing Your Way to a Successful Career

by Alan J. Berman and Irwin Feder

“[T]he book succeeds at what it sets out to do. Many of its features . . . strike me as very useful. The exercises are especially well done. . . . Also, the glossary of terms is bound to be very useful to readers of the book.”

—Dr. Barrett J. Mandel
Associate Professor of English, Douglass College, Rutgers University
“[This] new book . . . contains exceptionally valuable information and material for persons who are seeking to improve their written communication, obtain better jobs and generally improve their control and mastery of language.”

—Dr. Stanley G. Cohen
President, Five Towns College
“[This] is one of the most readable and useable books I have seen to instruct persons on how to systematically and thoroughly construct a resume and other correspondence used in business today. Also, the authors reflect a sophisticated and precise knowledge of the contemporary career building/job seeking process. . . . Professors Berman and Feder have given prospective writers all they need to master the basics and to polish the final product. Whether it be for the first-time job searcher or for the job holder seeking to improve his/her writing skills, this book will benefit any reader who seriously and faithfully studies and applies the concepts and techniques so artfully provided in the pages of this book. I recommend this book highly.”

—Randall E. Ruppart
Director of Outplacement, Lee-Hecht and Associates

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