Between the Lines

70 Drawings and 7 Essays

by Benny Andrews
preface by Alice S. Neel

“In the desert of technology and plagiarism, Benny Andrews stands out as a great humanist painter.”

—Alice S. Neel
“To us Southerners, he was some sort of strange creature. He flamed, he gesticulated, he made art that was not pretty and which did not focus vacantly on geometry or apples. Yet we detected in Andrews something familiar, that something was a common Southern past, a common American experience.”

—Edmund B. Gaither
Curator, National Center of Afro-American Art
“Andrews continues to survey aspects of the peculiar social and psychological violence that Blacks experience continuously . . . He documents these conditions because he realizes that our unborn generations will one day have to understand this epoch as part of their heritage.”

—Edward S. Spriggs
Executive Director, The Studio Museum in Harlem
“A macabre blend of passion, integrity, pity and cruelty. Andrews’s art arouses feelings equally mixed, in which unease and respect are uppermost.”

—Vivien Raynor
The New York Times

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