The Cave of the Bear

by Joy E. Stocke
translated by Lili Bita

“Passionate and brave, these poems capture the adventure, joy and power in the search for the great goddess. A delight to read and savor.”

—Susan Talia de Lone
PhD Author of Love, Loss and Healing
“In the first part of a trilogy, Joy Stocke and Lili Bita have given a beautiful rendering of Joy’s journey to the Cave of the Bear on the Isle of Crete.

“The journey takes us from our everyday mentality into the realm of the poetic imagination, where we may enter into the cave of the bear and simultaneously into our innermost sacred space. There, at the well-spring of our being, we are renewed and inspired by the sacred images that inform woman’s sense of self and guide her on her journey to wholeness.

“At the magical place, where the visible and the invisible are inextricably interwoven, Joy awakens to the mystery of her own being and to the mystery that lives in the love and devotion of a mother and child for each other. May Joy’s magnificent poetic rendering of this pilgrimage orient you, as well, to your own deep awakening to the sacred ground of your being”

—Gisella Behrens
President of the C.G. Jung Center of Philadelphia

English and Greek

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