The Coronerís Assistant

A Fictional Documentary

by Vasilis Vasilikos
translated by Peter Pappas

Vasilis Vasilikos is Greece’s best-known contemporary writer, having the unique distinction of being the only writer of his generation to achieve the international prominence of the great Greek master Nikos Kazantzakis. The distinguished critic, and former Seferis Professor of Modern Greek Literature at Harvard University, George P. Savidis, has written that Vasilikos “is the most representative writer of his generation.”

Born in the northern Greek city of Kavala in 1934, Vasilikos studied law in his country and then television in the United States, and he was awarded a Ford Foundation grant to the US in 1959. Vasilikos has also served as deputy director of the Greek state television network, ERT. His most famous book, Z, was made into the internationally acclaimed film by Costa Gavras.

Vasilikos is a prolific writer, who has averaged a couple of books a year since the early fifties, and his work has been translated from Greek into over twenty foreign languages. Nevertheless, The Coroner’s Assistant is the first novel by Vasilis Vasilikos to be translated into English in an American edition in well over a decade and a half.

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