Defending Democracy

The Contribution of Greece During the Second World War

by Angelos Th. Angelopoulos
translated by John Davis
interviews by Sophocles G. Dimitrakopoulos

This is Angelos Angelopoulos’ personal account of the events that overwhelmed Greece during and after the Second World War. Drawing on his own recollections, diaries, and archival material in this series of interviews, he brings the people and events of this critical period to life, detailing with incisive clarity the price paid by Greece not only for Axis occupation but, following liberation, for being a pawn in the Cold War.

The author explains how Greece was sacrificed—in spite of its resistance to the occupation—to the Allies’ secret agreement on spheres of influence at the end of the war. He was an eyewitness to how the Allies operated in Greece and to their role in the internal affairs of the country.

But Angelopoulos was more than a witness: he was an active participant. Having remained in Greece during the occupation, he was in continuous contact with the leaders of the Greek resistance. And this book is much more than his life story during these years: it is the chronicle of Greece’s recent history.

“A political document of literary finesse . . . This book will always remain a dear and treasured possession for me.”

—Andreas Papandreou
former Prime Minister of Greece
“A truly useful and valuable historical document for the contemporary historian . . . written in an eloquent style, unpresuming and lucid.”

—Michael Stasinopoulos
former President of the Republic of Greece

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