The Eastern Question: The Last Phase

A Study in Greek-Turkish Diplomacy

by Harry J. Psomiades
introduction by Van Coufoudakis

“Harry J. Psomiades’ The Eastern Question: The Last Phase examines the turbulence and tremendous human dislocation that accompanied the final collapse of the Ottoman empire and the emergence of modern Turkey, culminating in the Treaty of Lausanne. It offers a clear, comprehensive and authoritative analysis of complex issues that defined Greek-Turkish relations all through the twentieth century and remain sensitive to this day. A work of pioneering scholarship when it first appeared more than thirty years ago, it has lost none of its originality and value for those who wish to understand the current search for accommodation between Greece and Turkey.”

—John O. Iatrides,
Professor of International Politics, Southern Connecticut State University
“Psomiades has succeeded to make his compact book a required reference work for all those who wish to study and understand the last phase of the Eastern Question, in spite of the fact that this period in Greek-Turkish relations has been the object of much research by numerous scholars.”

—I.K. Hassiotis,
Professor in Modern History, University of Thessaloniki

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