Greek American Families

Traditions and Transformations

edited by Sam J. Tsemberis, Anna Karpathakis and Harry J. Psomiades

This volume is timely and informative. It documents Greek American family life at a critical juncture in the acculturation process. The authors, who include anthropologists, psychologists, sociologists, historians, and clerics, portray Greek family life past and present, and offer challenging speculations concerning the future of Greek American families.

Greek American Families is a vital contribution to our understanding of Greek America. Combining original research, historical insight, and penetrating analysis, the authors offer a highly readable portrayal of the strengths and challenges confronting family life in the old country and the new. This significant book should be read not only by Greek Americans, but by all seeking a better understanding of immigrant family life in today’s America.

—Dr. Charles Moskos,
Professor of Sociology, Northwestern University, author of Greek Americans: Struggle and Success
Greek American Families significantly advances Greek American studies. This volume provides a thoroughly researched account of the historical and contemporary issues encountered by Greek American families and offers a well-informed perspective on where Greek America may be moving in the next century.

—Helen Papanikolas,
whose most recent book is The Time of the Little Black Bird


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