The Greek Junta Phenomenon

A Professorís Notes

by Theodore A. Couloumbis

Greece’s twentieth-century history, not unlike that of a large portion of the rest of Europe, has been marked by frequent wars, economic underdevelopment, deep political fissures, political clientelism, and frequent as well as competing foreign intervention in the country’s domestic affairs. In political science terms, the country’s democratic system was less than consolidated, in the sense that it was marked by frequent military intervention in politics.

This book reconstructs Greece’s melancholy political landscape during the dark years of the colonels’ dictatorship. The author conducted scores of interviews with prominent political figures (e.g., Constantine Karamanlis, Andreas Papandreou, Panayiotis Kanellopoulos, Constantine Mitsotakis, Mikis Theodorakis, Georgios Mavros, Archbishop Makarios and former King Constantine). He also met with some functionaries representing the Greek junta and with a number of American diplomats. These interviews, recorded over thirty years ago, mirror the attitudes and mentalities of political protagonists of that time and could be treated as primary source material for historians who still need to produce a detached and dispassionate record of those trying times.

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