My Village by the Sea

Folktales of Greece

by Vilma Liacouras Chantiles

Dimitri tells the story of his life in a fragrant stone hut on a hillside. He would run to school and to the quay when fishing boats docked. His parents and grandparents sang folksongs and told him superb folktales.

Blessed with spirit and uncanny wit, Hero the Cat proves his merit and Harry the Donkey outsmarts a wolf and fox. Enjoy ten delightful tales of cunning birds and endearing, often wily animals.

You’ll feel Pano’s dilemma in The Chatterbox and Yianni’s anguish in The Three Good Tips, chuckle with the mixup in Elia, rejoice with the climax of Taki and the Thousand Gold Coins, and sigh happily at the conclusion of The Eggs.

When Poppy gathers red poppies instead of wild greens, she creates a fantasy; three brothers choose diverse goals in Trak! while Tina, the Unlucky Princess conquers appalling obstacles to purge her bad luck. When faced with dire poverty and starving children in the poignant The Twelve Months, does Zoe keep her faith? And after Thalia created and married The Almond-Paste Prince, what happens when he is kidnapped?

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