The New Oresteia of Yannis Ritsos

by Yannis Ritsos
introduction by Kostas Myrsiades
translated and commentary by George Pilitsis and Philip Pastras

The ancient Greek myth of the House of Atreus has inspired the creative genius of many artists, poets and novelists. Yannis Ritsos (1909-1990), one of the most prolific and popular poets of Modern Greece, was not an exception to those who have been fascinated with the legend. In the six mythic monologues contained in this volume, Ritsos’ preoccupation with the ancient myth, unlike many of his contemporaries, is not to search for continuity of the past into the present, nor to comment on the inadequacies of the present, as does his predecessor George Seferis. By re-creating the legend of the House of Atreus, Ritsos attempts to express symbolically a tragic sense of life and to expound dramatically on contemporary Greek realities with historical detachment.

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