Oracles of Light

by Virginia Bagliore
illustrations by Phyllis Rutigliano

“Better than many poets Virginia Bagliore understands and embodies what Elizabeth Sewell calls ‘the fertile and communicable energy’ of figurative language. And yet, while her keenly imaged world is dense with stars, gardens, mountains, trumpets—all the embellishments imagination requires—it is her open and creative voice that I hear most fully in the richly funded, profoundly energizing core of her poetry. To make her world she needs neither erotic diction nor arcane forms (although she handles both with ease); her careful attention to the sounds of sounds and her respect for the integrity of a line are the only guides a reader needs in the world she energizes.

“I hear that voice clearest because evocation first struck me about Virginia Bagliore. She brought an unusual sensitivity and imagination to the iconic responsibilities of a performer of others’ poems. In her own poetry one hears how she deftly permits the ‘ripening notes/to form clear music.’ Her poems become fuller as she fuses her powerful images with a reader’s equally powerful presence. In the light and suppleness of a Virginia Bagliore poem it is possible to incarnate repose and regeneration, expansion and density, transformation and realization.”

—Timothy Gura
Brooklyn College, CUNY
“Virginia Bagliore’s poetry is valuable because she seeks a quality of spirit hidden behind mankind’s facade of materialism.”

—Richard Eberhart

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