Ours Once More

Folklore, Ideology, and the Making of Modern Greece

by Michael Herzfeld

Originally published in 1982, by the University of Texas Press

Cowinner of the 1981-82 Chicago Folklore Prize

“. . . an important contribution to intellectual history. . . . It should be required reading for anyone interested in the study of modern Greece.”

—Irwin T, Sanders
Journal of Modern Greek Studies
“Apart from its value as a unique and insightful reading of both folklore history and ethnohistorical development, Herzfeld’s book represents an exciting methodological step forward in folklore studies.”

“This is certainly a fascinating book and the author fully substantiates his claim that it is ‘a history of history as well as an ethnography of culture theory.’ ”

—Douglas Dakin
“Even though this book deals with its central themes within fairly precise limits, it is packed with illuminating detail; and its interest is not confined solely to the area of folklore studies since, as the author rightly suggests, the attitudes which emerge in the context of this argument are also of more general significance. Apart from documenting a fascinating story of the reciprocal influence of politics and scholarship in the last century, the book throws an always sympathetic and often humorous light on many aspects of the thinking of the Greeks about themselves in the present day.”

—Juliet du Boulay
Times Literary Supplement

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