Reading Greek America

Studies in the Experience of Greeks in the United States

edited by Spyros D. Orfanos

This collection presents a broad and compelling overview of some of the most important work conducted in the field of Greek American Studies in the last 20 years. It aims at providing the interested reader with the necessary background from which to evaluate past and current developments in the Greek American community. Further, it is intended for use in study groups, colleges and universities. Any serious scholarly examination of ethnic groups, particularly the Greeks in the United States, will benefit from the works in this compilation.

The volume is divided into three parts: History and Politics, Society and Culture, and Psychology. One of the unique features of this compilation is the balance provided by the inclusion of psychological studies. Thus, the historical, political and social investigations are fortified with the personal. Psychology takes up where social investigations leave off. Each part combines wide and in-depth analysis. Lastly, the chapters of this edited volume contain an implicit plea for an appreciation of the complexity, the agony and the dreams realized and deferred of the Greeks in the United States. As the popularity of the comic film My Big Fat Greek Wedding threatens to return the community to Dionysian stereotypes, the publication of this edited volume is a corrective step in the Apollonian direction. As the Greek communities make the transition to the 21st century, this book rewards readers with insightful and intimate studies that can provide an important context for further meaningful explorations.


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