Red Lipstick and the Wine-dark Sea


by Penelope Karageorge

A prize-winning poet and first generation Greek-American, Penelope Karageorge makes the perilous inner journey, exploring the sensibility of a woman struggling to find her way between the Greek world with its psychic pull, and the American Dream. Her poetry—vividly authentic and original, humorous and heart-breaking—resonates in our own experience.

“In a series of vivid and haunting images, the story-poetry of Penelope Karageorge embraces both a geographic landscape and a terrain of the heart. Whether writing of the silence of a Greek island or of the clatter of a New York street, of fleeting love or the shackles and joys of family life, she utilizes vision, heart and language to create a poetry that is distinctively her own . . . a poetry that captivates and enriches her readers.”

—Harry Mark Petrakis
“As if to imitate her Homeric namesake, Penelope Karageorge has woven her American identity by day and unwoven it at night to honor her Greek identity, and thus she’s been true to her homesick heart—neither ‘here’ nor ‘there’ but alive and at home in her restless, brave imagination.”

—William Matthews

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