Resistance, Exile and Love

An Anthology of Post-War Greek Poetry

edited and translated by Nikos Spanias

“The purpose of this anthology is to present a vigorous and younger generation of Greek poets who have been pushed into the shadow because all the plaudits, all the approbation, and all the acclamation (by means of various translations and commentaries) have gone to an established poetry of an older generation. No one, of course, doubts the truly genuine achievements of George Seferis and Odysseas Elytis on the one hand, or Yannis Ritsos and Nikiforos Vrettakos on the other (though the latter two poets are frequently flat, stale, and unprofitably repetitive). However, there is a formidable generation of poets, the so-called generation of the forties, the war generation, who started writing from the outbreak of the Second World War and continue to write to this day, that has produced an awesome body of poetry of great originality and depth. Although they defy classification, one can safely call them poets of resistance and social protest. The majority of these poets, untranslated as they are, remain virtually unknown outside the boundaries of Greece.”

—from the Introduction

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