This Child Died Tomorrow

The Holocaust Diary of a Greek Boy

by Nestor Matsas
translated, introduction and commentary by Jason Rigas

A document of another dimension: one that is profound, tender and humane. A 12-year-old Greek Jewish boy, still capable of talking to the Little Prince but also with undiminished faith in life, records in his diary the nightmare of the German Occupation during WW II. The reality was inexorably harsh but This Child wrote his diary with tenderness and, sometimes, even humor. Nestor Matsas’ pianist mother was already dead when the Germans took his father to a concentration camp where he eventually perished. To survive, young Nestor and his brother sold cigarettes in brothels.

A human witness that transcends time, This Child Died Tomorrow has been translated with exceptional sensitivity by 12-year-old Jason Rigas.

“This poignant fragment from the past calls to us like the voice of Anne Frank. It represents a spiritual meeting between two adolescent boys, one a Jew far off in wartime Greece writing of the trials of his ever-harrowing life, the other a modern American of Greek background who came upon the manuscript and translated for us that cry from the heart. It belongs on the same shelf as Fugitive Pieces<.i> and Corelli’s Mandolin.”

—Howard Spiro, M.D.
Professor Emeritus, Yale University School of Medicine and Quondam Director of the Program for Humanities in Medicine at Yale

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