Modern Greek Research Series . . .

The purpose of this monograph series is to promote and disseminate scholarly works on the history, institutions, and the culture of the Greek people. It is sponsored and edited by the Center for Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, Queens College of the City University of New York (formerly jointly with the Greek Seminar of the Center for Mediterranean Studies of the American University). Christos P. Ioannides, Professor of Political Science, Queens College of the City University of New York, Director.

1. Essays on the Cyprus Conflict

edited by Van Coufoudakis


2. Foreign Interference in Greek Politics

by Theodore A. Couloumbis, John A. Petropulos and Harry J. Psomiades


3. Greek American Relations

edited by Theodore A. Couloumbis and John O. Iatrides

$15.00 Qty:

4. Greek American Community in Transition

edited by Harry J. Psomiades and Alice Scourby

$20.00 Qty:

5. Education and Greek Americans

edited by Spyros D. Orfanos, Harry J. Psomiades and John Spiridakis


6. Greece, the New Europe, and the Changing International Order

edited by Harry J. Psomiades and Stavros B. Thomadakis

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7. Greece and the New Balkans

edited by Van Coufoudakis, Harry J. Psomiades and Andre Gerolymatos

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8. Greek American Families

edited by Sam J. Tsemberis, Anna Karpathakis and Harry J. Psomiades

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9. The Eastern Question: The Last Phase

by Harry J. Psomiades

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10. Realpolitik in the Eastern Mediterranean

by Chris P. Ioannides

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11. Reading Greek America

edited by Spyros D. Orfanos

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12. The Voice of the People

by Stylianos V. Spyridakis

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13. The Greek Junta Phenomenon

by Theodore A. Couloumbis

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14. My Detroit

by Dan Georgakas

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15. Confronting the Greek Dictatorship in the U.S.

by Orestis E. Vidalis

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16. The Cyprus File: Washington, D.C.

by James G. Pyrros

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